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composer, performer & artist based in Birmingham, UK

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"Surprising and idiosyncratic, Moyo is challenging – a thoroughgoing disregard for genre makes for an unbridled ride. And that’s precisely what makes this record so striking."

~Michael Sandford,

"Moyo, Vol. 1 is Millicent B James’ debut EP. In just 4 tracks she takes us on a journey that is wholly relatable, one of personal growth and determination which ultimately resides in a place of hope and possibility."

~Original World

"The first track of the album starts uniquely. The track lives up to its title and features a melody that resembles the music of natives of New Zealand. That adds a very unique taste to the music. What stood out, however, was that both the transition from that traditionalist music to jazz was super smooth and that the music never loses its unique taste."

~The Jazz Loop

"this new EP from Biddolphian Millicent sets a new benchmark: it’s wonderful."

~Congleton Chronicle



Millicent's music intertwines colourful elements of gospel, jazz, soul, contemporary classical, ambient and afro music to create an amalgamation of sonorities. Millicent is inspired by the depths of the human imagination and subconscious evidenced by the works of Japanese Animator, Hayao Miyazaki. Her musical output is multi-faceted and as a composer, cellist and vocalist, Millicent not only regularly sings with the RBC Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra and RBC Jazz Orchestra, but she also continues to compose and perform her own works. Millicent has received musical tuition from prominent composers and musicians such as Errollyn Wallen, Andrew Toovey, Joe Cutler, Richard Ayres, John Turnville and Percy Pursglove.

“truly cinematic, evocative and compelling”

Ayanna Witter-Johnson

"a thoroughgoing disregard for genre makes for an unbridled ride"

"She has seamlessly interwoven a myriad of sounds, drawing inspiration from gospel, jazz, soul, contemporary classical, ambient and afro music, and the result is truly outstanding"

Original World

"Her lyrics are beautiful and the vocal delivery interacts with the instruments on an impressive level."

The Jazz Loop

"the topic might be serious but the music has a light touch"

Congleton Chronicle



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